Bendy and the Ink Machine



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    Apr 25, 2019

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You may have played a lot of first-person puzzle games. But nothing can be more exciting than Bendy and the Ink Machine. The game is more like an action horror game with elements from both the past and the future. Starting with the first chapter, the thrill sets right in and makes the game a bit different from other horror genre games.

Escaping the workshop while resolving riddles is what the players need to do. If you seek thrill from a video game, Bendy and the Ink Machine should make your dream come true. Let’s learn more about this exciting game in this post.

With the right combination of horror and action, Bendy and the Ink Machine has the perfect recipe for an amazing puzzle game. In the game, you play as Henry who will visit his past so that he can face his greatest fear of being in the company of demons. Hence, he needs to explore the abandoned Joey Drew Studios and look out for the animator workshop.

Resolve the puzzle while making an effort to escape the workshop. Although resolving puzzles seems like an easy task to perform, they come with difficulties. In short, you have to face obstacles resulting in making the game progress slow. This is when tips and tricks come in handy.

Because a simple problem will hinder your game process, below listed are some helpful tips on how to play the game well.

1. Understanding the basics

Bendy and the Ink Machine has five chapters where you have to defeat three bosses. From the first chapter, learn how to run by pressing and holding the shift button. It is wise to turn the subtitles on by going through the options.

Thoroughly check every inch of any room or hallway for items required to turn the machine on. Try to stick around the credits of all the chapters in the game. You will find secrets in the end.

If you find it hard to look out for the switches, keep in mind that they are located in sneaky places. Sometimes, they camouflage and sometimes they will hide behind the bacon soup. Hence, search them everywhere you can. If you find it hard to kill the ink monsters, click right as soon as they are going to attack you.

2. Getting the tommy gun

Before you make your way to the Inky Abyss, Alice gives you the Tommy gun. This is what you thought. But the gun melts from ink even before you can hold it. But there is a way to do it. The Heavenly Toys engine area has an audio log with a blob of ink that forms into a Bendy plushie. If you click on it, you have a Boris plushie.

Again, if you click on it, you have an Alice Angel plushie. Finally, clicking it another time will turn it into an ink machine. Next, leave it as it is and continue with the game. When you have to choose between the Path of an Angel and the Path of a Demon, choose the latter one. Don’t die at any cost. If you die, your life in the game ends and so is the Tommy gun.

3. Hidden Boss Loophole

There is no need to kill the boss in Chapter 2. Instead, lure the boss to the hallway which will lead to Sammy Lawrence’s office. Make every effort to reach Sammy’s office quickly. Turn on the pump switch after reaching the office. Lead the hidden boss to the area where Sammy knocks you. When you do that the right way, it will send you deep down the tunnel soon after the searcher attacks you.

Bendy and the Ink Machine has plenty of excitement in every part of the game and this is what makes the game a pure delight. The adventure sets in right from Chapter 1. Watching cartoons will never be the same after playing the game.

Try to solve the riddles while you work on ways to escape the workshop. To make the game a bit easier on the part of players, this post discussed some important tips mentioned above. Hopefully, they will help play the game without issues and improve your gaming experience.