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This is a third-person brush shooter game produced by SE, Outriders. although his praise rate is not high, but this game still has a lot of redeeming features, Outriders feels like a single game can be online (but must be networked throughout), as a brush shooter containing campaign mode, the pioneer also has many of its own The game provides the player with a large amount of playable content that is not too refined, but the number is enough, and the overall experience stands out as a solid one.

Plot summaryEarth is about to be destroyed, two ships carrying the last hope, fled the solar system and began to look for a new home, after nearly a century after a long trip, two ships only one left inside the people survived. In pursuit of a mysterious signal, the ship landed on an unknown planet. The so-called pioneers are the armed forces belonging to the Colonial Bureau, the protagonist was responsible for retrieving the probe with his own men, but the planet was blown up by the alien storm trapped everyone on the ship in the canyon. Most of the people touched by the alien storm will die immediately, while a small number of them evolved into mutants and will gain special abilities. The protagonist was sent to the hibernation bin because of the alien infection and woke up again after 31 years had passed.

When the protagonist found his old comrades to understand, he learned that thirty-one years ago in the storm, the pioneers were almost completely destroyed, all surviving humans were trapped in the valley, divided into two forces of the regular army and rebels against each other, in a barren land to fight for the few remaining resources for survival, the protagonist in the storm has evolved into a mutant, so it is logical to be sent to carry out a dangerous task The protagonist has evolved into a shifter during that storm and is sent on a dangerous mission.

From a gameplay perspective, this is a game where you participate in one copy after another to brush up on resources, materials, levels and firearms. The game is developed using the Unreal 4 engine, and the graphics are quite sophisticated, but if you have high requirements in this area, then you may feel that the quality of the graphics is still worried about the price of the game. Each scene inside the game is not very big, read the map more often, as a find cover shooting type of game, with this in the planet other world wasteland to do the cover or not common.

The weapons design in the game are on the retro-realistic style, the shooting sound and feel is also not bad, the character's movement speed is relatively fast, the feel is convenient and light, inside the enemy and the environment sound effects are relatively not very intense, so you have more spirit grasp in the battle, higher to defeat the enemy. The career skill system of this work is very well done, after completing the prologue players can choose their career bias, a total of four kinds of technology warlock, fire mage, cheat master, and destroyer, in other words you can understand as ranger, mage, assassin and warrior. Each person can choose any three of the eight active skills to carry, which is more in the same type of game.

Tech Warlock: Manipulates psychic powers to revive constructs, making them assist allies and destroy enemies from a distance

Deceiver: manipulate the laws of time and space, appear behind the enemy in a flash to assassinate them, and then return to a safe place.

Pyromancer: engulfs the enemy with flames, incinerates the enemy's entire team and can add back blood to himself after the enemy burns to death.