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    April 2, 2021

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    Experiment 101



Biomutant is set in a world where large companies mining rare earths and nuclear energy have polluted the oceans and ushered in the end of humanity after biological mutations. In the game's scenario design, the only remnants of humanity are the infrastructure buildings left behind. And now the world's inhabitants, is the genetic mutation of various creatures. The player takes on the role of a small raccoon that inherited its mother, the inventor of various martial arts, and is proficient in a blend of melee, long-range and ability-based combat martial arts. It has survived the destruction of its enemies from the dead. As a survivor, the little raccoon needs to use various abilities while retrieving his childhood memories to traverse the vast open world and help the NPCs defeat four evil creatures called "World Eaters" in order to save the sacred Tree of Life at the center of the map.

This kind of game design routine of using the map to divide and arrange bosses to narrate the rescue theme seems to be very common. In order to avoid this, this work has added the camp play: two camps represent two paths to save the world. One, the integration of various tribes in an inclusive and united manner; the other, emphasizing the natural law of survival of the fittest, the strong annexing the weak to gather strength. Players can choose and confront enemies whose philosophy is contrary to their own camp by breaking strongholds one by one. As a reward, players can unlock exclusive weapons and equipment for both camps.

In addition, the game also added the moral choice mechanism of good and evil, they appear as dark and light pixies, subject to the choice of the plot dialogue and affect the subsequent plot development. Not only that, this mechanism also comes with a skill design, such as the light talent skills in the flash, etc.

With the aid of crafting features and multi-part equipment design, the game offers a large number of collectible items. Of course, picking up trash is also a common way of playing games in the genres of wasteland, post-apocalyptic, and apocalyptic. The manufacturing design of weapons also distinguishes different parts, further increasing the freedom of players to DIY weapons and equipment. On top of that, the makers generated many mystery solving and exploration type of side plots. But unfortunately, most players in the play, will say that the design of the mystery of the same, according to the color of the rotating button gameplay seems a bit low, lost the original fun. But the good thing is that the open world design is good, there are various functions of the protective clothing in order to go to various places, the baby is also relatively well hidden, will not be difficult to find, but also let people have a lot of desire to explore. Then the landscape looks beautiful, sightseeing tours around can also let people play for hours.

Rich enough weapons and skills design, high freedom DIY framework under the large map camp mode and multiple branch plot, moral line plot as an ambush to advance, and with an exclusive skill. As the game's protagonist, raccoons have different presentations in appearance based on species bias, and these species also correspond to six main talent values such as life, strength, intelligence, agility, and luck. However, players are not actually able to make significant adjustments to their appearance. Simply put, emphasis on strength attributes will make you taller, and emphasis on intelligence attributes will make your head bigger. The distribution of colors is also limited to the hair on the head.