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Hitman Sniper is a popular mobile shooting game that puts you in the shoes of a skilled sniper assassin. In this guide, I will provide you with strategies for completing missions, tips for scoring high points, and recommendations for unlocking different weapons and abilities.

Each mission has specific objectives that you need to complete. These objectives can vary from eliminating specific targets to retrieving valuable items.

Before starting a mission, carefully read the briefing to understand your targets, their locations, and any additional requirements.

Pay attention to any optional objectives as they often reward bonus points or unlock special abilities.

The primary goal in Hitman Sniper is to score high points. You earn points by taking out targets, achieving headshots, performing consecutive kills, and meeting specific mission requirements.

Aim for headshots whenever possible, as they award more points than body shots. Take your time to line up the perfect shot.

Plan your kills strategically to execute multiple targets in quick succession, earning bonus points for chaining kills together.

Utilize environmental traps and objects to create accidents and earn extra points. Shooting a gas canister, for example, can cause an explosion that eliminates nearby targets.

As you progress in the game, you'll unlock and acquire various sniper rifles with unique attributes and abilities.

Different rifles have different stats such as power, stability, and magazine size. Experiment with different rifles to find the one that suits your playstyle.

Use earned or purchased in-game currency to upgrade your weapons. Upgrading increases their effectiveness, allowing for higher damage, better stability, and other enhancements.

Take advantage of the rifle's special ability. Some rifles offer abilities like piercing rounds, explosive bullets, or even slowing down time. Use these abilities strategically to maximize your kills.

The game features immersive environments with various interactive elements. Utilize these elements to your advantage.

Shoot objects like glass panels, chandeliers, or electrical panels to create distractions or accidents that take out multiple targets at once.

Be aware of guards and their patrol routes. Timing your shots when they are not looking can help maintain your stealth and avoid detection.

Take note of environmental cues such as birds flying away or NPCs reacting to your shots. These can provide valuable information about hidden targets or bonus opportunities.

Hitman Sniper offers additional challenge modes and contracts for added gameplay variety.

Challenge modes introduce specific conditions or limitations, such as limited ammunition, restricted shooting areas, or time-based challenges. Adapt your tactics accordingly to overcome these challenges.

Contracts mode allows you to create and share custom missions with other players. Take on contracts created by the community to test your skills and compete for high scores.

As you progress in the game, you will unlock different scope abilities and power-ups.

Scope abilities include abilities like tagging multiple targets for quick takedowns, activating slow-motion for more precise shots, or providing thermal vision to spot hidden enemies.

Power-ups grant temporary enhancements like increased damage, unlimited ammo, or faster reload times. Use them strategically during missions to gain an advantage.

Strive for mission mastery by completing all objectives and challenges in a mission. This unlocks additional rewards and achievements.

Pay attention to the mission-specific challenges and try to complete them to earn extra points and increase your overall score.

Achievements offer long-term goals and rewards. They often require specific accomplishments, such as reaching a certain number of headshots or completing a set number of missions.

Becoming a skilled sniper requires practice and patience. Take your time to understand target movements, guard patterns, and environmental interactions.

Experiment with different strategies and approaches to missions. Learn from each attempt and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Don't get discouraged if you don't achieve a high score right away. Keep practicing, and with time, you'll improve your skills and become a more efficient sniper.

Remember, Hitman Sniper is a game that rewards careful planning, precision, and observation. Enjoy the immersive sniping experience and strive for excellence in each mission. Good luck, Agent!